Friday, July 10, 2009


-Disclaimer: I got A1 for BM in SPM. Don't doubt my standards XD-

Yo wassup~
(yo, apa atas?)

It seems that ALMIGHTY & WISE government changed teaching of science & maths to BM again.

Because some people thinks mother tongue is more important than knowledge. If the Arabs' of the past were too, also narrow-minded, they'd refuse to learn science in greek or latin, and no one would be there to preserve the knowledge of this world during the Dark Ages. =(

What a shame. Let us all mourn for this country, for it is doomed~ OBLIVION AWAITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, WAIT!! something's not rite!!! By 2012, the things I write should appear to be something like THIS:

itu tengok itu SEMUA-KUAT (err.. all-mighty?) dan BIJAK kerajaan tukar ajar sains dan matematik pergi BM lagi.

Kerana sikit orang fikir ibu lidah (mother-tongue) itu lebih penting daripada ilmu. Jika Arab silam sangat sempit minda juga mereka enggan belajar sains Yunani dan Latin, dan tidak satu (no one) akan situ memelihara (in pengajian moral, memelihara = preserve~ XD) ilmu dunia ini semasa gelap umur (dark ages? =_=)

Apa itu malu (what a shame). Biar kita berkabung untuk ini negara, mati sudah~ die liao~ dong dong qiang~
*duno how to "translate" oblivion into "that" XD

AHEM!!!!!!!!~ who cares? The Super Hentai King presents to u his LATEST artwork!!! Inspired by Cikgu Michael's words~~` (nah, actually it was long done BEFORE cikgu michael gave his "pep-talk")


I present to u, ladies n gentlemen~ (eh no.. we should now be using tuan-tua n& puan-puan~ already, how sad)

THE ICE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-_-.....) click to enlarge~

it's my current wallpaper~ hohoho~~

Monday, July 6, 2009

Reflection 09

6 months has passed.

6 months, never touched this blog.

6 months, wasted so much time.

And now its back to square one again.

The year started with a dilemma to make. Choosing the right college was very hard. In fact I moved all my belongings to KL on christmas n spent new year there, in case I decided to start school on January, which I didnt. Then, back then, architecture was what I wanted to take.

Then I decided to go to Taylors College, after (regretfully) accepting RUMORS everywhere that taylors college offers the best (heck, they suck). So I came back to Kuching, waiting for March.

Then lots happened this year. Worked part time for the first time, which made me happy I was not just being a parasite rotting at home. Tho, short-lived, two weeks only, but it was kinda fun. Tho, feel quite sorry for the Kueh-Chap ahma. Always no business. I wonder y she needed a helper on weekdays.. felt like cheating her money -_-

Spent time with friends, hung out (-_-??), bla n bla, tried to make a cake (actually just stood there n watched, lol). Had fun, made me didnt want to leave (at first lar xD) And I even attended a church wedding, 1st time in my life. o_O

And then.. went to KL. Hah. I thought I was headed to the road of freedom. Rented a room (rm450 for a small room, crazy!) n met two very funny n fun-to-be-with housemates from chmsNo.1. Dota till late every nite, never sweep or mop d floor, room was messy like dog house, n best of all, nobody nagging. = = Sure at 1st there was homesick, but after awhile living alone was really.. paradise!!!!!!!!! T_T

Man.. could just walk to sunway pyramid during free time. dang, we planned to go to the weekly Ladies Nite at the local bar but never had the time. sheesh~ And... the train station was at the BACK of our school.. midvalley, bukit bintang, KLCC, eh even seremban~ lol. never had a chance to visit kion's hometown.

tch~ Walking to school n workin out at d gym sure made me lose some weight...
But sien.. came back n Im already gaining weight. ZZZZ~~~

Taylors College. yea. What can I say. Rough start. didnt like how the staff there handled things. Site visits were nice tho. Architecture... Coursemates... I dont even now how to start writting. lol.

Rite, bottomline, the course, I had little fondness for it. Arts arts arts.. yea..

"huh? I thought u like arts!!"


But couldnt blame anyone there, I was also convinced that i would like the course. since i love drawing manga n pencil sketches, i thought studying something like science combined with arts would b perfect for me. But i never remembered tat i detested PSV during middle sch -_- crap so three months, suffered there. never even moved my calculator from my luggage bag. we didnt even touch simple maths.

Didnt like the people there, at first. But as u start to know them, academic wise they might not be very good, mediocre, but nice people there. Very funny guys i met there. coursemates I mean. Tham (The very 1st guy 1 met there), Kion, MC, Wisely, Joshua, Jonathan~ 小人餐厅。 haha. I couldnt have asked for more. Wish everyone well and hope you guys succeed. See u guys in d industry in 5 years ;P

"see, I told u, if u cut ur hair earlier, mayb you might have made alot of gals cry when u left" .....
-__- quote my aunt.

Heheh.. Aunt. My "Small aunt". And uncle Meng (her husband, lol). I live at their house during weekends when I was at KL. With my two little cousins. One naughty little toddler -_- "stupid ah hung" she say. haha. and an adorable primary schooler.

Staying there let me see what a family was like, as a third person, and made me reflect on how i spent my time with my family. Mayb that was what motivated me to change everything at home when I decided to come back. Thanks for taking me in like a family n most of all, letting me see things I couldnt see.

Haha. Homecoming.... people were puzzled. I changed course, going for engineering. End of the line, lazy of explaining over n over. (kns, if only nottingham U wasnt THAT expensive. couldhv stayed.)

Coz i thought, aye, I might complain alot about how I hate it, but it still IS the thing im used to most. Science. Blah~ Well, guess i'll spend the rest of college complaining "sheesh y dis so hard, maigu, y need study something like tat?" but still, hahah, atleast i wont be studying something so abstract that there's no definite answer to questions. ARTS~~

*yawns~* back to the slow n fattening life of kuching... sienz... tot i was finally gonna slim down.
But it was truely crazy.. I sorta blitzed thru the whole year but now I'm back to square one. @@ cant say i gained, but thru a whole year of fiasco I cant say I learned nothing also.

bah~ what to say. A new start, N Im finally touching my blog again =)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

GUNPLA!!!! *kero?*


Finally completed dis model after four days!!!!!
The 1/100 00 Raiser~~

Bought it as present 4 myself (an excuse only lah~~ haha).
This thing caught my eye d moment d model started showing up on d internet for sale. I think its beautiful enuf to make me forget about d price =X

Hmm didn't even need extra painting. Jz used a permanent marker to do the lines on its body. Fixed the head part a little so those little antennae thingies. Ohya.. there's actually two LEDs in d model so with batteries u can actually light up some parts of it.

Rite.. Pay the background absolutely no attention ya~~

This d 00 Gundam unit. (just right after i finished making it)

I duno wad d manufacturers are thinking, bt these 1/100 scale models always come with some "things" stick out from the head antennae parts, making them seem so.. lame. I braved myself to sand it off until d antennae parts bcome sharp enuf to look like those of an MG model -__-

Ahh.. dis little plane's d one responsible for d extra cash.

N when u stick tat little plane onto the back of 00 Gundam for a piggy ride...

You get this!!!!!!

Action images~

Personally I like this pose d best. Mayb cuz of d lighting?

Owwhh I see d light~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fiddlings on February

"Wad d f*ck"
Who wouldnt say tat, if someone called u 8am in d morning while u were still sleepin, n told u tat u'd be someone else's driver for d whole day.

Ofcourse, without HIM pulling d strings, I'd never have d chance to participate in d YE prog. So I kinda owe him a favor, n so i agreed.

(& SOME BIRD didn't hear ANYONE calling him bcoz he "threw d phone further so he din hear d vibrations" :S)

That morning we brought the Taiwanese YE to Bau. D lions intended for them to visit lobak's houses there. Fairy Cave n Wind Cave. But mayb lobak did'nt fix the pipes in his house.. pipe bocor... n d whole area was FLOODED!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHA can u even recognise dis place????????

At d wind cave it was like, omg.. i cant even see d stairs leading down to d river. We tried to og Fairy Cave bt half way d road d army was oredi doing a blockade =(

So umm (i duno y they skipped Bau Lake) we went to Mt Singai.

Mt Singai. I'd never been thr b4 so i was as clueless as d YE ppl (-_- so siasoi when they asked "whr are we?" n I said "duno oh~~")

Anyways, it was definitely a.... "memorable" trip...
Imagine a fat guy climbing those stairs up d mountain.. ya, me -_- sheesh~~

Oredi half dead when we reach d church building site.

Mr Chong giving lecture
Nice view
clear water~

Then it was d ummm.. wad u call it.. tat park. sheesh wads d name again? dat park wif a big Cheng Ho statue.. n lotsa fishes

Old sky (老天) gave a whole sunny day tat day.. can u imagine.. four guys sitting in a KENARI.. driving long distance.. result??? HEADACHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm i did'nt even ask d taiwan guys' names tho. I duno wad got into me tat day (mayb stil emo frm d morning's wake up call) din reli feel like talking or socialising. Jz blah-ed some things with them (i remember talking bout school, maths, how d malaysian edu system sucks, about road directions, about y are thr so many bugs, critters n reptiles being turned into roadkills, and.. tornadoes? one ask me "are thr tornadoes in malaysia? bcoz d land is so flat". After tat, they started taking about air pressure n land elevations n.. wtf.. who are they @_@) AND found out tat too many students r taking up architecture in taiwan -_-

The 队长 dude was a veteran driver tho.. imagine a "p" lesen kid driving experienced drivers around. He even gave me some car maintanence advices (lol o_o)

Dude, i was tinking like "bro, YOU shud drive, reli. I'll jz sit back n giv u directions." (FYI i was d youngest in d car)

Originally I was wanted to chaperone them d next day, too, to CHMS No.1 . But... well, sth came up, n so a replacement was made ^^"'

I kinda like thought I'd finally spend a day resting at home bt it turned out 2 b a day trip. Well atleast we went to a place i'd never been to :S

Sunday, February 1, 2009

January summary!

I still remember i spent new year's eve n new year's day at KL. Haha turned out tat i spent half d month doing exactly nothing in KL. My cousins definitely gave me a 80% phobia towards kids tho. My baby cousin has an elmo plush.. n one day i was holding it (i 4got how it ended up on my hands) so i turned its eyes 180 degrees around n took a photo of it. R.I.P.~~

Then it was CNY. Spent d first few days at Sri Aman lor, as always. Boring CNY. Hmmphhh~
Took dis pic with my gan ma, gan ah ma, family, n... auntie Ai Hua n Tau ke.
And as always d annual Y.E. activity~ Dis time Uncle Zeng n Auntie Zeng came with evryone!! LoL. But.. as u noe, the higher-ups of d local lions club, who likes to talk cock n never do things with their two FAT hands, ordered me (n some other) to drive the TW ppl to their hotel. Fuck lar Augustine Ngu no brains 1 izit?? Tw Lions even book a bus to pick us up when we went to taiwan, n u ppl call us last minute to pick them up 1 hah? Too fat n d cholestrol suck up all ur brain juice izit???? (Sim Boon Chuan oso same dumbass!)

Maigu.. d taiwanese did such a gud job n ur actually comfortable with ur performance hah?


N tat day, i learnt tat being a kiss-ass reli is d road to success. U dont even need effor 1~ jz kiss-ass~~~
31/1, 2009.

1st time in my life I attended a church wedding. Hiam hiam late. lol.
Went movie with friends, but the "tickets" came late :p
After d movie, it was last minute change of plans n I ended up at chesire home with my frens, n celebrated my in front of soooo many ppl.. (vry paiseh arrrr =__=)

N thanks, (in alphabetical order? xD)

Bryan (Chang),
Ing Thian,
Pauline (haha),
Swee Fan,
Wui Siong
for the cake!!!

Hehe.. paiseh.. I din't noe d cake was so.....
mayb saying sharing wif EVERYONE at d house was abit too much =X

heng didnt.. n we finished most of it by ourselves~

OmG.. in d end forgot to take the oranges n angpao.

Giv tit pull to his shao tuan tat nite. A bit sweat. I din wanna go, cuz we dont fit in d crowd, n i was worried u guys'll pull me in to participate. It's nothing relegious tho (i never attend any buddhist activity since middle sch, n consider myself a free thinker :p) i jz didnt want to... play. feel paiseh wah. haha. Feel like alien..

so at last, me, bryan, kws sort of like "zao lo". 8:40pm i still remember.

LoL. then pusing the town to look for steack house "Richmond".
Kanasai haha.. all three of us duno d way... pusing for so long

Kws took dis pic. Den he took a pic of... his food -__-

Memorable!! ^^V boku wa honti ni tanoshiikatta!!!
And then, january habis-ed. maigu.. n i never slimmed down, uncle zeng, my frens, family frens, all said >> fatTER -__-~~zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (the only thing tat reli slimmed down was my wallet. I bought the 00-Raiser set)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

FIRST STEP To Zanarkand!!!!!!

Umm rite, remember tat I mentioned tat I had nth to do rite?? Den i decided to try my luck on d piano -_-... lol.

WARNING: Please note tat the sound clip below might cause nauseaness, pain in the ears, or even disruption of the nervous system. User discretion is strongly advised.

Wad, my highest piano grade was 1, n tat was like, 10 years ago :p wad u expect?

"First Step" To Zanarkand.

Sound clip 48.wav -

Wad -_- told u it was a 1st step -__- how wazit??

Tuesday, January 6, 2009



Or so...

I had a terrible nitemare few days before. Only 3A's in SPM. N I got a B for addmaths. My BIO, PHY, CHE were all "B", too. That made me freak out. Wad if something bad happens, i tot, like if i failed BM accidentally, cuz like mayb i wrote out of topic, n i FAIL SPM???!!!!! -_-

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~ (never had a nitemare tat freaks me out for so long. Im still gettin d creeps)

Anyways, i thought i was gonna start uni on 5th JAN. Turned out tat I didnt :S chose to go to Taylor instead of UCSI even tho UCSI is a "U". (partly cuz ts a LOCAL U)
So school starts in March, and I'm still in KL.


LoL don't ask y I didnt go play around KL. After staying for a week in d center of SG I doubt I'd find anything amusing in KL metro ^^ (no offence to KL)
Bsides, i dont like window shopping alone -_-

Speaking of shopping.. thr's dis new gunpla model tat came out recently. Not in MG tho. But fairly nice. rm200+ n up~

~00 Raiser~